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American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism - American Exceptionalism By...

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American Exceptionalism By: Chadwick Peltier I am writing the paper chronologically divided into 6 sections: Two intro paragraphs with thesis, Background history with examples, World War One and neutrality, The Inter-war period, World War Two, and the Cold War. Because my thesis will involve the relationship between the ideology of Exceptionalism and how it is manifested in unilateral policy, each section will be roughly divided into an analysis of the ideology and how it changes over the time period, followed by specific examples of unilateral (or multilateral) policy. Finally, in each section I will attempt to link the two and expose a cause and effect relationship between them. Themes and Changes and Continuities 1) A general avoidance of European affairs until the UN – all Unilateral policy; exception is Wilson 2) - Intro o Modern fundamentals of American foreign policy o America is unique o Leads to unilateral policy o Criticism of nationalist/unilateral policy o
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