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Final Exam Study Guide HIST 3020

Final Exam Study Guide HIST 3020 - Final Exam Study Guide...

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Final Exam Study Guide HIST 3020 Test 1 Group 1 1) Two structural flaws of the post ww1 peace settlement in Europe: a. Germany was forced to repay un-repayable war reparations and sign a war guilt clause. b. Russia was not present at the treaty; it was the traditional power check of Germany. c. Hungarian empire was split, giving Hitler lands to take later d. Italy was likewise snuffed at the treaty, giving Germany a friend 2) Why not peace without victory? a. Split into winners and losers Group 2 1) Explain Corporatism: a. Process associated with dollar diplomacy, where private individuals were used in place of government interaction for diplomatic goals. Many wealthy industrialists were granted the ability to have monopolies in foreign trade. b. Andrw Carnegie – built banks in other countries to become a creditor country – to cement ties. c. Build factories in other countries Group 3 1) Why did America not do everything to save china from communist revolution? a. Europe first strategy b. Jieshi’s government was supposedly too corrupt to save anyway c. It would still take a long time for china to become powerful or useful anyway, while Europe was important then Group 4 1) Explain Shrinking war: a. Perspective in cold war – leaders didn’t know the future and weren’t thinking a cold war mindset b. Therefore Yalta was good for US because it helped end the war and preserve the alliance c. Nobody knew Stalin’s intentions 2) How did Soviet industrialization differ from Western? a. Soviet was based on heavy industries like steel and iron while US was on textiles
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b. Mass producing war – tons of guns and tanks, but no consumer goods c. Heavy goods were quick Test 2 Group 1 1) Two reasons why China decided to intervene in the Korean War: a. Stalin basically forced China too – do his dirty work a.i. China would be further isolated from the West a.ii. China would then be further reliant upon the SU for help b. Ideology – communism, and international duty c. National security concerns – Korea is to China as Poland is to Russia d. China always looked at Vietnam and Korea as Little brothers e. Defending soldiers have more will power, so they have hope of winning 2)
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