more history notes, vietnam era

more history notes, vietnam era - him because commies...

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Kennedy - Reduced power of sec. of state, instead used action intellectuals of NSC, white house, state dept., Defense dept. - Latin America o Alliance for Progress in Latin America – limited by bureaucratic infighting and corruption o Peace Corps was created o Bay of Pigs = Phail o Still tried to get at Castro, even approached underworld figures to do the job - Confrontation with Khrushchev over Germany o No recognize of DRG o Berlin Wall created o Force did not work to prevent ongoing division - Congo o Lip service to UN backed Lumumba, but actually helped assassinate
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Unformatted text preview: him because commies trained him. o Mobutu was pro-West, but eventually he became despotic and the US withdrew support.-Cuban Missile Crisis o Blockade around Cuba so that SU could not arm the warheads o Results: direct hot line between SU and US France builds force de frappe-The Test Ban o 1963 – treaty banning atmospheric nuclear tests -South East Asia o Initially support Diem, but after we learn he is corrupt, we overthrow o...
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