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Unit 2 History notes

Unit 2 History notes - 1945-1947 Japan democracy time...

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1945-1947 Japan – democracy time Redistribution of land; sold more land to farmers Kept emperor, yet made him not divine = caused problems b/c emperor was detached from government – no legal grounds to judge him Women get to vote w00t Article 9 – give up war. Can Japan defend itself? Can it give troops to UN? 1947 – 1950 Japan - Main goal is to rebuild economy - NSC 13/2 –rebuild Japanese economy, but had to stop reforms; no peace treaty with Japan until it is secure economically Cold War strategy: - NSC 68 – we must fight communism b/c Russia is going nuts and trying to take over the world!!1 - Saved by the Korean war o Stabilize cold war, intensify, militarize the cold war Q: Why is it a “forgotten war?” - more attention on Vietnam - scholars have agreement on war – originally thought of it as a good thing to get involved in, then second thought of it as a bad thing. Then it was regarded as a “little war”. - Not important enough to cause a bigger war - Is it a civil war or international crisis? – Probably an international crisis. o What does it matter? Korean War – first goal was to restore South Korea as a country, later it was changed to unify all of Korea by using military force - Q: Why did Truman let McArthur try to unify all of Korea? - Achieve a unified Korea was always a goal of the US - Push initial boundary to the north (38 th parallel) – include some more natural barriers on the boundary line and to punish North Korea - McArthur: argued for new goal, was unchallenged – a political general - If risk is to have war with Soviet Union, then we can take that risk – we’ll take the offensive, huzzah!!1 We can win the war now! Soviets (all commies in general) can choose the battleground, always on the offensive; lets take em down now, huzzah again!! - Zhou Enlai – China will send in troops if America pushes back the Koreans past the parallel. o Q: So why did we do it? 1) Not sent directly to America; no formal relations with China, so sent with Indian ambassador, who was considered unreliable. 2) Can’t back down just because China of all people tells us to. Gosh, that is ridiculous. No commie will order America around!
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- Q: Why did China enter the war? o 1) International Cold War politics- Stalin basically forced China too; Stalin wanted him to do his dirty work. o 2) They had signed a treaty between them, yet the leaders hated each other – so Stalin manipulated China into the war because then China would be further isolated from the West. o 3) China would then be further reliable on the Soviets for help. o 4) But China had its own reasons too: 1) Ideology – Communism – International Duty, all commies help each other; also had to return the favor to Kim for helping in Chinese Civil War 3) China’s own national security concerns – Korea is to China as Poland is to Russia. 4) Chinese always looked at Korea and Vietnam as “little brothers”. 5) Will Power –
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Unit 2 History notes - 1945-1947 Japan democracy time...

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