Vietnam - Vietnam - "Once on Tiger's back it is hard...

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Vietnam - “Once on Tiger’s back it is hard to get off” o 1) Hard to control war o 2) Hard to withdraw from war - Air war o Bombing was cheap o Wanted to break will to fight o Q: Why didn’t it work? War effort in Vietnam was not based on war industries o Q: Negative Impacts? Many civilian deaths o National Building Program in South Vietnam = disaster 1) Corruption 2) Cultural Conflict - Interest Groups o Hawks – not happy with LBJ because it is not escalated fast enough, troops in north Vietnam o Doves – not happy with LBJ because our interests are not threatened in North Vietnam o Pacifists – hate all war o New Left- Overthrow dirty capitalist establishment o Anti-War Liberals – No overthrow of current social order - New Strategies in Nam o McNamara – insists things must change, kicked out of Sec. of Defense o Congress = problem, more aggressive - Tet Offensive o Is the war going well? Still a perceived credibility gap. o New: 1) Abandon search and destroy strategy -> Pacification: Strategic Villages - safeguard certain population centers = stability 2) Withdraw American troops Too late to save war policy = no reelection for LBJ - Nixon o Secrecy is hallmark of foreign policy o Worked well with Kissinger o Geopolitics = most important: Détente Not a strategy to end, but a way to have a better relationship with communist block b/c o Triangular Diplomacy, Play the China Card If we can achieve better relationship with China, then we can put pressure on Soviets 1964 – 1) China gets nuclear power 2) Khrushchev gets over thrown 3) Indonesia Soviet Union declares that it can intervene in any country to save communism
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Border clash in 68 bet. China and SU Better relationship in China helps in Vietnam b/c they might pressure the north We can’t isolate china forever, they will be strong - Relationship with China o Ping Pong Diplomacy – seriously. o
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Vietnam - Vietnam - "Once on Tiger's back it is hard...

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