INTL 4440 midterm study guide

INTL 4440 midterm study guide - Reasons for having...

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Reasons for having intelligence agencies: 1) prevent strategic attacks against US 2) long term expertise 3) support policy process 4) maintain secrecy of intelligence Functions of Intelligence 1) collection 2) analysis 3) counterintelligence 4) covert action Parts of CIA 1) Administration 2) Science and Technology 3) Intelligence 4) Operations Intelligence Cycle 1) Requirements, prioritize 2) Collection 3) Process and Exploit 4) Analysis and Production 5) Dissemination Where to get Info: 1) OSINT 2) HUMINT a. People of divided loyalty, and bribe them! 3) SIGINT 4) IMINT 5) MASINT Who NOC officers can’t be: 1) peace corps 2) clergy 3) journalists?? Why spy? 1) patriotism 2) thrill/god complex 3) blackmail 4) ideology – Cambridge 5 5) money – American spies
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6) revenge Agent Acquisition Cycle 1) spot/ targeting – narrow down likely targets 2) assess – get to know target and motivations 3) recruit and pitch 4) handle – maintain motivation and securely communicate, tasking 5) terminate - end relationship false flag – approaching a developmental dishonestly/ pretend you are someone else so they don’t know they are working for your side. First overhead imagery intel – balloons in civil war Pigeons had cameras in WW1 Satellites – untouchable and remote, but orbits are predictable, there is a resolution loss, and not as flexible as human controlled imagery - now available with a 11/2 meter resolution with - thermal, electro optical Potemkin Village – masking of reality HUMINT - advantages – cheap, know intentions, not just results - disadvantages – riskier with political breakdown, defection, betrayal of trust, dangler, false flags, doubles, lengthy process to acquire - how to get – expats, liaisons in region, unhappy young people SIGINT - advantages – remote, instantenous/realtime, hear intentions, harder to decode/decipher - disadvantages – expensive, tech problems, detection and deception, time to
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INTL 4440 midterm study guide - Reasons for having...

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