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Consumer Behavior 1-18 - Marketing identification of unmet...

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1/18/12 Marketing: identification of unmet needs (difference b/w where I am now & where I want to be) & creation of solutions Marketing Mix: (4Rs) 1. Product : good, service, idea 2. Price : value (money is backed by full faith credit in government we give it value) 3. Place : (Distribution) where & when available 4. Promotion : activities to inform & incent Promotion Mix : 4..1. Advertising o Creative o Media 4..2. Public Relations 4..3. Sales Promotion o Trade (Push) o Consumer (Pull) 4..4. Personal Selling 4..5. Direct Marketing 4..6. Internet Trends: o Mass Marketing : crafting a single solution applicable to a huge marketplace (ie: McDonalds, Coca Cola) o Segmentation : breaking down large market into segments or groups who share unique commonalities (common traits) o
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