4-26 SCM Notes - 5. Lack of Alignment – disconnects...

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4/26/11 Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Processes: (Peanutty) 1. CRM* 2. Customer Service Management 3. Demand Management* 4. Order Fulfillment 5. Manufacturing Flow Management* 6. SRM* 7. New Product Development 8. Returns Management **what is automation ? Set up producing based on “process” o Process Manager Logistics Management HR/IT R&D very important for Peanutty to make positive changes Chapter 13 Obstacles to Process Integration: (people obstacles) 1. Silo Mentality – thinking their silo is the most important has to change if they are going to get on board with the changes 2. Lack of Visibility – ties into ERP system have to provide visibility for the company to operate effectively 3. Lack of Trust – if there is no trust b/w the senior leaders of the company, there will be no trust in the trenches all about ego 4. Lack of Knowledge - key to success is to constantly deal and be a part of changes if you don’t know what you don’t know, you’re in trouble
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Lack of Alignment – disconnects between processes information isn’t shared correctly • Risk Management: what could happen to your company that could really put you under? • ie: Japan prepared for the earthquake problem, did NOT prepare for the tsunami problem • Risk Factors: 1. Length of Supply Chain 2. Emerging Foreign Sources (outsourcing) 3. Product Quality 4. Complexity of Products and Services 5. Political Risk (ie: Communist issues in South America – oil companies) Current Events: • Ford had its most profitable year its fuel efficient vehicles are most profitable • Apple’s earnings are fantastic • Netflix stock crashed went down 5% said outlook wasn’t so good for the summer and everyone sold their stock • The value of the dollar is falling the economy isn’t doing well • Donald Trump is running for President “America needs a business man”...
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4-26 SCM Notes - 5. Lack of Alignment – disconnects...

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