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1/26/12 Ethics and Morality: Ethics is a study of morality Five Characteristics of Moral Standards: 1. Involve significant injuries or benefits 2. Not established by authority figures 3. Should be preferred to other value including self-interest 4. Based on impartial considerations 5. Associated with special emotions vocabulary Moral Relativism = the theory that there are no ethical standards that are absolutely true and that
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Unformatted text preview: apply or should be applied to the companies and people of all societies Objections to Moral Relativism: • Some moral standards are found in all societies • Moral differences so not logically imply relativism • Relativism has incoherent consequences Two Types of Moral Standards: 1. Hypernorms: should be applied to people in all societies 2. Microsocial Norms: differ from one community to another...
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