AS301 Syllabus Spring 12

AS301 Syllabus Spring 12 - ARSC 301 AIR FORCE LEADERSHP &...

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ARSC 301 Spring 2012 25 Jan 12 MEMORANDUM FOR ALL ARSC 301 STUDENTS FROM: AFROTC Det 330 (Capt Vaughn Gonzalez) SUBJECT: ARSC 301 Syllabus 1. Welcome to ARSC 301, Air Force Leadership and Management II. This is a stand-alone course, therefore ARSC 300 is not a pre-requisite for ARSC 301. In this class, we will cover leadership and management principles as they apply to the Air Force and the civilian sector. OFFICE HOURS : Monday through Friday, 0800 - 1600 by appointment. Room 2112 Cole Field House E-MAIL : PHONE : (301) 314-7644 COURSE SESSIONS : Section 0101: Th 0900 – 1200 -- Cole Rm. 0102 Section 0102: T/Th 1230 – 1400 -- Cole Rm. 0100/0113 2. READ THIS ENTIRE LETTER AND KEEP IT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. It contains information vital for your success in class. Updates will be announced in class or distributed via E- mail and Blackboard. 3. COURSE GOALS : The ARSC 301 student should: A. Comprehend selected individual leadership skills and personal strengths & weaknesses as applied in an Air Force environment. B. Comprehend and apply the concepts of team-building, followership and motivation in an Air Force environment. C. Apply listening, speaking, and writing skills in Air Force-specific formats and situations with accuracy, clarity, and appropriate style. 4. GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION A. LESSON OBJECTIVES : Each lesson has a specific lesson objective and associated samples of behavior. These can be found at the beginning of the lesson in the "Student Readings.” Exam questions will be derived from the samples of behavior and will consist of material from the textbook, lectures, and slides. B. TEXTBOOKs (provided): a.i.1. United States Air Force Leadership Studies (T-309) a.i.2. Principles of Leadership & Management (T-307) – Book return (Mandatory and remove CD) C. SCHEDULE: The full term schedule can be found at attachment 1. All lessons and dates are approximate and subject to change. 5. GRADES: Grades will be determined by performance in the following areas.
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Area Maximum Points Class Participation 10 Briefing 20 Mid-term 35 Final 35 Total 100 A. CLASS PARTICIPATION : All cadets/students are expected to complete all reading assignments prior to class and be able to comfortably discuss the lesson. I’ll keep track of who does/does not participate and contribute to class discussion, and who is/is not prepared to discuss the material. Attendance alone does not constitute sufficient class participation. Since we will sometimes vary the schedule of assignments in class, always review the reading that was assigned for the previous class, and stay at least one full chapter ahead of the material covered in the last class . B.
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AS301 Syllabus Spring 12 - ARSC 301 AIR FORCE LEADERSHP &...

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