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1 Name ________________________________________ Score ____________out of 200 BSCI202/Anatomy and Physiology 2 Final/SS2 2009 Section___________________ Honor Pledge: I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination. (Please copy the pledge below and sign your name) ___________________________________ signature and date MULTIPLE CHOICE (4 pts each) Read each question carefully. There is only one BEST answer to each question. Write the letter of the one BEST correct answer. Only the letter written on the line (in pen) will be graded. (60 pts total) ____1. Erythrocyte production is controlled by A. the hormone erythropoietin B. temperature C. humidity D. the hormone aldosterone E. antidiuretic hormone ____ 2. T lymphocytes A. are formed in the thymus B. are formed in the thyroid C. mature in the thymus D. mature in the trachea E. mature in the bone marrow ____ 3. During phagocytosis A. a macrophage secretes perforin B. MAC is activated by antibody binding C. an erythrocyte engulfs a foreign particle D. A phagolysosome is formed E. All of the above ____ 4. During the chloride shift A. Cl- enters a RBC and H+ is pumped out B. Cl- is exchanged for hemoglobin C. Cl- enters the cell and HCO 2 - leaves the cell D. Cl- leaves the cell so bicarbonate may enter the cell E. B and C are true ____ 5. Intrapleural pressure A. Is the same as atmospheric pressure B. Is greater than intra-alveolar pressure C. Never changes D. Is less than atmospheric pressure E. All of the above depending on the phase of the respiratory cycle
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2 ____6. Renal flow rate A. Is the volume of plasma from which is substance has been removed B. Increases with small changes in blood pressure C. Can only be measured for substances that are reabsorbed D. Is the clearance of a substance that is freely filtered, fully secreted and not reabsorbed E. All of the above ____7. Which of the following are true with regards to progesterone:
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bsci202final - Name Score_out of 200 BSCI202/Anatomy and...

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