AS401 Syllabus Spring 2012

AS401 Syllabus - ARSC 401 NATIONAL SECURITY AFFAIRS PREPARATION FOR ACTIVE DUTY Spring 2012 1 WELCOME TO ARSC 401 This course includes an overview

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ARSC 401 NATIONAL SECURITY AFFAIRS PREPARATION FOR ACTIVE DUTY Spring 2012 1. WELCOME TO ARSC 401. This course includes an overview of national security policies and processes, world geo-political regions, Air Force roles and missions, and select topics to prepare you for active duty service. READ THIS ENTIRE SYLLABUS AND KEEP IT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. It contains information vital to your success in class. Updates will be announced in class or via e-mail. INSTRUCTOR: Major Thomas Sadiq OFFICE HOURS : Mon - Fri, 0800 - 1600 by appointment, Cole 2116 E-MAIL : [email protected] PHONE : (301) 314-7809 COURSE SESSIONS : Section 0101: Tue/Thu 1400 - 1530, Cole 2126 Section 0201: Thu 0900 - 1200, Cole 2126 Note: Students in section 0101 must be prepared for all material in each weekly block by the 1 st class session of each block 2. COURSE GOALS: The ARSC 401 cadet should: A. Know the basic elements of national security policy and process. B. Know the air and space power functions and capabilities. C. Understand selected roles of the military in society and current issues affecting the military profession as well as selected provisions of the military justice system. D. Comprehend the responsibility, authority, and functions of an Air Force commander. E. Apply listening, speaking, and writing skills in Air Force particular formats and situations with accuracy, clarity, and appropriate style. F. Understand the factors that facilitate a smooth transition from civilian to military life. 3. GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION: Each lesson has a specific objective and associated samples of behavior, listed at the beginning of each student reading. Exam questions will be derived from the samples of behavior and will consist of material from the textbook and lectures. A. Materials: Air and Space Studies 400 The Fly-By New Officer Guide to Etiquette and Decorum AFPAM 10-100 AIRMAN AF Handbook 1 The Tongue and Quill (Issued in AS 300) B. The full term schedule can be found in attachment 1. All lessons and dates are approximate.
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4. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES AND CLASS LEADER DUTIES: Classroom procedures and class leader duties are outlined in attachment 2. 5. COUNSELING: Each cadet must make a counseling session appointment with me and have the Form 48 signed by your academic advisor no later than 24 Feb 2012. 6. GRADES: Grades will be determined by performance in the following areas. Area Max Points Class Participation/ Pop Quizzes 5 Scheduled Quizzes 25 Midterm 35 Final 35 Total 100 A. CLASS PARTICIPATION : Students should complete all reading assignments prior to class. Pop quizzes will test your preparation (1 quiz = 1 of the 5 available points). Performance as class leader and attendance/punctuality will also be considered part of class participation. B.
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AS401 Syllabus - ARSC 401 NATIONAL SECURITY AFFAIRS PREPARATION FOR ACTIVE DUTY Spring 2012 1 WELCOME TO ARSC 401 This course includes an overview

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