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1 MUSC 289I/H – Exploring the Power of Musical Performance in Social Engagement CORE History/ Theory of the Arts (HA) course Syllabus Spring 2012 Tuesday and Thursday 9:30AM – 10:45AM, CSPAC 2200 Faculty: Dr. Boden Sandstrom Email: [email protected] Phone#: 301-405-5567 Office: 3110H CSPAC Office Hours: Drop-In (Tuesday 11:00am – 1:00pm) or by Appointment Teaching Assistant: Patricia Vergara Email: [email protected] Course Description: How effective is musical performance in creating social change and how and why do musicians and their fans become socially engaged through music? What is it about performance that creates an environment that is transformative? How do people resist oppressive forces through their music? Why have musicians been some of the first to be executed or deported in political movements throughout history? Why is a people’s music suppressed during political turmoil? How do governments use music to generate nationalism and patriotism? These are some of the issues that students in this class will investigate during the semester. Performance as a formal event is defined by its occurrence within a space that is energized and elevated from the mundane. Music can convey feelings and memory via symbolic representation, and because it is not easily quantified, can evoke emotion and meaning that is not readily expressed by mere speech or writing alone. Music, with artful lyrics, can stir emotions and channel them to unite groups of people towards effective political and social action. These are some of the ideas with which the students will wrestle during the course. Learning Outcomes: 1. To gain greater understanding of the effectiveness of musical performance in social engagement, political action and resistance, and community building 2. To interact with musicians and their musical performances who are socially engaged, gaining a greater understanding of the efficacy of this involvement 3. To learn to think critically by analyzing the readings and AV materials through writing and presentations 4. To become socially engaged through one’s own performance project Attendance and Participation: Blackboard participation is required. Classes meet twice a week in an hour and 15 minute lecture and multi-media format. Students will be required to attend 2 out of the 5 designated
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performances at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Attendance at both lectures and performances is vital. All assignments will count toward your final grade and you will be responsible for materials covered in all classes. The final group project requires group participation. Lectures assume the assigned readings as a point of departure. Course Assignments and Requirements: 1. Include your name, on all written assignments, exams, or anything else you turn in. Keep backup copies of all work handed in for your own protection . 2. You need to have access to a computer in order to access the Blackboard site. We will
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IsyllabusSP12use - 1MUSC 289I/H Exploring the Power of...

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