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First Class Summary

First Class Summary - First Class Summary Dr Boden...

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First Class Summary . Dr. Boden Sandstrom’s introduction to the course – look at “First Lecture Outline” posted in “Course Documents.” . TA Patricia Vergara’s notes: -Due dates for all assignments are in the Syllabus. -All documents and readings are on Blackboard. Please, be sure to take sometime before the next class to get familiar with the content areas. - All readings for the course are in “Reserves” -Under “Performances” you will find information about Fortune’s Bones: The Manumisson Requiem (required performance for Performance Response Paper 1)) and about other performances to choose from for Performance Response Paper 2 and for the Lecture/Performance Report. Detailed guidelines for these assignments are in “Course Documents.”All written assignments must comply to the general guideline for writing papers found in the document “Writing Guidelines for Papers” under Course Documents.
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