CHAPTER 11 - CHAPTER 11 Production and Operations...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 11 Production and Operations Management Strategic Importance of the Production Function A Vital Function is necessary for generation money to pay employees, lenders, and stockholders Mass, Flexible, and Customer-Driven Production Mass Production- Manufacturing products in large amounts that standardization, mechanization and specialized skills Flexible Production- producing smaller batches using information technology, communication and cooperation Customer-driven Production- evaluating customer demands to link with manufacturer Technology and the Production Process Robots- reprogrammable machines capable of performing routine jobs and manipulating material Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing- enables engineers to design parts and buildings on computer screens faster and with fewer mistakes Flexible Manufacturing Systems- a production facility that workers can quickly modify to manufacture different products Computer-Integrated Manufacturing- integrates robots, computers and other...
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CHAPTER 11 - CHAPTER 11 Production and Operations...

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