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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Metals opaque shiny smooth solids...

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Chapter 15 Metals: opaque, shiny, smooth solids that can conduct electricity and can be bent, drawn into wire, or hammered into thin sheets - behavior of metal depends on the strength of the bonds between atoms and on its crystalline structure -shape and dimensions of crystals in a piece of metal are determined by how fast the molten metal cools and solidifies when removed from a furnace by tempering and by cold working Native Metals: naturally occurring pure mass of a single metal in an ore deposit Precious metals: gold, silver, platinum Base metals: copper, lead, zinc, tin Ore: rocks containing a concentrated accumulation of native metals or ore minerals Ore Deposits : economically significant occurrence of ore a. magmatic deposits: cooled magma's sulfides sink to the bottom of magma chambers where they accumulate. massive-sulfide deposits b. hydrothermal deposits: when a solution enteres a region of lower pressure, lower temperature, different acidity, or different availability of oxygen,
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