Chapter 14 - Chapter 14 Sources of energy in the earth...

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Chapter 14 Sources of energy in the earth system a. energy directly from the sun: solar energy b. energy directly from gravity: ocean tides caused by gravitational attraction from the moon c. energy involving both a and b d. energy via photosynthesis: burning plant matter releases energy in chemical bonds of organic chemicals e. energy from chemical reactions: inorganic chemicals burn to produce light and energy f. energy from fossil fuels: oil, gas, and coal g. energy from nuclear fission: atoms of radioactive elements can split into smaller pieces h. energy from earth's internal heat: internal heat provides geothermal energy Oil and Gas hydrocarbons : chainlike or ringlike molecules made of carbon and hydrogen atoms a. hydrocarbons can be gaseous, liquid, syrupy, solid b. viscosity (ability to flow) and volatility(ability to evap) depends on size of its molecules c. hydrocarbons with short chains tend to be less viscous and more volatile - hydrocarbons react with oxygen to form carbon dioxide, water, and heat. during such reactions, the potential energy stored in the chemical bonds of the hydrocarbon molecules converts into usable heat energy Where do gas and oil form - primary sources of organic chemicals in oil and gas are dead algae and plankton. when algae and plankton die, they settle to the bottom of a lake or sea. their cells mix with the clay to create an organic-rich muddle ooze Source rock:
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Chapter 14 - Chapter 14 Sources of energy in the earth...

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