Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Welcome to the neighborhood Magnetic...

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Chapter 2 Welcome to the neighborhood Magnetic field- the region affected by the force emanating from a magnet. Earth's magnetic field is largely a dipole meaning it has a north and south pole Magnetic field deflects most of solar wind so that most of the particles in the wind do not reach Earth's surface Particularly strong bursts of solar wind can disrupt the electronics on spacecraft Van Allen radiation belts consist of solar wind particles as well as cosmic rays that move so fast they are able to penetrate the weaker outer part of the magnetic field and are trapped by the stronger magnetic field closer to the earth. The Van Allen radiation belt protects life on Earth from dangerous radiation. Particles that make it past the Van Allen belts interact with gases in the upper atmosphere and glow, creating aurorae The Atmosphere atmosphere- an envelope of gas consisting of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen with 1% of other gases Weight of overlying air squeezes on the air below and pushes gas molecules in the air below closer together, thus both the density of air and air pressure decrease with increasing elevation Land and Oceans Earth is 30% dry land 70% water hydrospheres- surface water on earth along with groundwater cryosphere-ice-covered regions topography- physical features of the land surface represented by changes in elevation hypsometric curve- a graph plotting surface elevation on the vertical axis and the
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Welcome to the neighborhood Magnetic...

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