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The Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations W ORLD L EADERS F ORUM Address to Seton Hall University By Lech Walesa L adies and gentlemen, thank you very much; but I would sooner hope to receive similar applause when I finish. Now, you have set a high challenge for me. How should I earn similar applause when you say farewell to me? You have actually made my situation very hard to begin with, but, revolutionaries always have to face such situations. Eminences, dear fathers, ladies and gentlemen, dear young people. I come from a country that is not very big, located in the middle of Europe. Many of you might even wonder, having seen some pictures, what they mean. You saw some people shouting here, you saw some people striking there. You might ask yourselves, is this the way to produce bread? So let me explain to you briefly why we actually acted in this way. I only speak about this in order to help you to better understand the challenges of this moment, of today. The struggle that you have just seen has led us to the situation in which the United States has become the only superpower in the world. For 50 years, we were used to the idea that there were two antagonistic blocs in the world, and the situation was such that we could anticipate certain outcomes. We could foresee the future events because the structures were known to us. Today, however, we have a totally different situation. It is a new situation, and the role of the United States is completely different too. There are no doubts, whatsoever, that you are the military leader of the world. There are no doubts, whatsoever, that you are economic leaders of the world. But, are you equally the political leader of the world? I have the right to say such things straightforwardly, especially here. After all, this university gave me an honorary doctoral degree. Therefore, listen to what I have to say; though, do not take what I am saying as showing off my wisdom. On the contrary, I do not even know whether the things I am saying are right. The only thing I can do now is to share my insights and perspectives with you, and you, being the superpower, will have the responsibility to choose the best perspectives in order to be the true leader to the world. Lech Walesa , former President of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, visited Seton Hall University on December 1, 2005. 9
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WALESA The Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations Well, ladies and gentlemen, there are places around the globe that somehow experience more than other places, and my homeland happens to be such a location. People who happen to be living in such places, due to that kind of experience, have learned to anticipate, better than others, the threats and opportunities of the world. The difficulties that Poland has faced resulted from the fact that we have two
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v7n2_02 - WORLD LEADERS FORUM Address to Seton Hall...

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