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Online Gamers Interview - 1 Smith Luke Smith CIS 110-014 Dr...

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1 Smith Luke Smith CIS 110-014 Dr. Brandi Frisby Noveber 21, 2011 Online Gamer Interview Me: Why do you personally play online games? Interviewee: Personally I play online because I like playing video games or games in general. It is fun online because you play against other people not a computer. It makes it more fun because you are beating real people. And sometimes you recognize the same people you play against regularly from their player names. Me: That’s cool, that does make it more fun that just normal game play. So would you say you play online games for entertainment or for stress relief? Interviewee: Honestly, it’s probably both for me. I mean I know I play because its fun and I enjoy it but I also get a relief from playing. It kind of takes off the edge of the day or school to come back and play some. Me: Yeah I can see that, it makes sense. So does anything in your life determine what games you play or like why you chose them? Interviewee: The games I play usually are strictly based on whether or not they look cool to me. I know some people may have agendas or something like that why they play their certain games. But mine are just all ranges of action fiction and stuff like that. Its kind of fun to be in ridiculous worlds or situations that you know you would never really be in. Me: Well I guess that kind of answers my next question. I was just going to ask, what games you tend to play yourself the most? Interviewee: Well I really love Mario kart. But then I play call of duty and I like other racing games, it just depends on what system I’m playing on whether it x-box or PlayStation.
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Online Gamers Interview - 1 Smith Luke Smith CIS 110-014 Dr...

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