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Luke Smith CIS 110-014 Dr. Brani Frisby November 11, 2011 Interview Questions: Online Gamers 1: Why do you personally play online games? Do you use it for entertainment or stress relief? 2: Does anything in your life determine what games you play? What games do you tend to play yourself? 3: How do you think the video games affect you? Do you feel good after playing? 4: How did you get into online gaming? Do you feel you are part of a community? 5: How do you think your family feels about your online gaming? Do you think your family appreciates it like you do? 6: Could you describe your online gaming experience? Has it helped you any way? 7: What is your favorite thing about the online gaming experience and why? Would you encourage it or discourage others from getting into it?
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Unformatted text preview: 8: What is your least favorite thing about the online experience and why? Do you feel productive or unproductive after playing for a while? 9: Do you have a story were youve waited somewhere for hours to be the first to get the new game? Would you do it again? 10: Would you rather live in the real world or a particular game world instead and why? Since you have chosen a said world, what is the best part of that world? 11: Have you ever considered a career of some sort in the gaming community and why? If you could create your own video game what would it be? 12: Is there anything you want to say in regards to the online gaming community-shout out? Do you have a favorite game quote that represents you?...
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