COM 314 Notes Day 2

COM 314 Notes Day 2 - Relationship Initiation maintain...

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David L. Smith Molly Reynolds January 31, 2012 COM 314-001 COM 314 Notes Unrequited Lust Coping with reality of wanting someone who does not want you back… Cupach and Spitzburg Desiring Mutality Mutality is a highly desired feature of most relationships Mutality is associated with commitment and relational satisfaction What happens when mutality is not present? One day – movie that represents this non mutual feelings = unsatisfactory SOCIAL EXCHANGE THEORY Want rewards > Costs Conceptualizing Lust Difference between lust and love? Only physical Lust is excessive, love is natural Lust is short intense, Love is long lasting Lust: emotional force directly related to desired sex with another individual, love goes deeper If you can have lust without love, can you have lust without love? …. . Lust is…… One who lusts desires to experience sexual union with another (spitzburg/Cupach, 2004, p.260) Imp: lust is a motivational state, where the lust object is a specific person
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Unformatted text preview: Relationship: Initiation, maintain, terminate Quantitative vs. qualitative differences? 1. How can you qualitatively define lust? a. value or intensity that you have for the other person b. 2. How can you quantitatively define lust? a. Time limit how much you lust, think or desire someone b. Cyber creeping duration, how many texts, phone calls, viewing their social networks number of times Don’t touch the pie Ex: online forums for people to discuss their unrequited lust Common relational type: Sexual tension in platonic friendships David L. Smith Molly Reynolds January 31, 2012 COM 314-001 Issues concerning Platonic Friendships & Lust 1. Failure to discern exact nature of shared emotional band 2. Manage issue of sexuality in relationship 3. Greatened relational uncertainty that romantic counterparts 4. Heightened hinting and flirting 5. What ifs? Cyber lust Sexual harassment are just a few others...
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COM 314 Notes Day 2 - Relationship Initiation maintain...

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