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CHAPTER 8 PLANNING FOR AND RECRUITING SUCCESSFUL SALESPEOPLE I. WHAT IS SALES HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT? II. PEOPLE PLANNING A. People Planning – process of determining the number and type of people to hire. B. More Effective And Efficient Use Of Human Resources 1. Interview-To-Territory Time Line C. Improved Performance Of The Sales Force 1. What’s a salesperson worth? a. A salesperson's worth depends on what the salesperson costs to the company and on the profits from the products he or she sells. 2. Goal: Hire Above Average Performers D. Who Does The Planning? III. PEOPLE FORECAST IV. DETERMINING TYPE OF PERSON FOR THE JOB A. The Job Analysis Is Important 1. Job Analysis – the formal study of jobs to define specific roles or activities to be performed in sales positions, for example, and to determine the personal qualifications needed for the jobs. 2. The three steps in the job analysis are: a. Examine the total sales force and the fit of each job, and determine how each job relates to other jobs. b. Select the jobs to be analyzed.
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c. Collect the necessary information through observations of what people actually do in the jobs, interviews of people in the jobs, and questionnaires completed by job holders. V. JOB DESCRIPTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE A. Job Specifications – people qualifications that the organization feels are necessary for successful performances of the job. B. What Are Job Specifications For Successful Salespeople?
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