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CHAPTER 9 SELECTION, PLACEMENT, AND SOCIALIZATION OF SUCCESSFUL SALESPEOPLE I. SELECTION AND PLACEMENT OF SUCCESSFUL SALES PERSONNEL A. Selection – refers to the process of selecting the best available person for the job. B. Placement – refers to ensuring that the job demands match an individual's skills, knowledge, and abilities, along with preferences, interests, and personality. C. Is Selection The Most Important Element In Fielding A Sales Force? 1. The selection of the right people is extremely important to the success of the sales district, the region, and the total sales force. 2. Input shapes output. The input of high-wattage people into the sales force produces above-average output (productivity). D. Purposes And Importance Of Selection And Placement 1. Selection and placement procedures provide the fuel that runs the sales force. The correct selection and placement will improve organizational productivity. E. Factors Influencing Selection And Placement 1. The success of a sales force's selection and placement procedures depends on their relationships with several staffing and management activities. 2. Selection and placement also depend on performance evaluations as feedback, showing that the selection devices do indeed predict the performance of salespeople.
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II. PREDICTORS FOR SELECTION DECISIONS A. Performance Criteria – job requirements that determine the type of information to obtain from applicants and often the method used to gather that information.
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