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CHAPTER 10 THE MANAGEMENT OF SALES TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT I. WHAT IS SALES TRAINING? A. Sales training is the effort an employer puts forth to provide salespeople job-related culture, skills, knowledge, and attitudes that should result in improved performance in the selling environments. II. REENGINEERING TRAINING A. Change Brings About Training Reengineering III. PURPOSES OF SALES TRAINING A. The primary purpose of training is an "investment" in the sales organization's most valuable resource—it's salespeople. IV. A SALES TRAINING MODEL V. PHASE ONE: PLANNING FOR SALES TRAINING A. Needs Assessment – the process of determining the training needs of the sales force and setting objectives for satisfying those needs. B. Organizational Analysis 1. Value : Training should be focused on performance areas that offer the highest opportunity for payback. 2. Focus : Training and development should be focused on a limited number of "big hitter" performance areas and should continue this focus over an extended period of time. 3. Mass : This is a key to bringing about maximum payoff through training and development.
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4. Duration : Training should be ongoing, using as many vehicles for reinforcing learning as possible. C. Operational Analysis 1. Difficulty Analysis – a process used to uncover and analyze problems experienced by salespeople. D. Sales Personnel Analysis E E. Customer Analysis F. Making The Needs Assessment 1. Identify the requirements of the position.
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