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CHAPTER 12 MOTIVATING SALESPEOPLE TOWARD HIGH PERFORMANCE I. MOTIVATION AT EBBY HALLIDAY REALTORS II. UNDERSTAND WHAT MOTIVATION IS ALL ABOUT A. Motivation – refers to the arousal, intensity, direction, and persistence directed toward job tasks over a period of time. B. The Sales Motivation Mix 1. Extrinsic Outcomes – rewards an individual obtains from the environment. 2. Intrinsic Outcomes – type of outcome that occurs purely from the performance of a task. III. DEVELOP A SALES CULTURE A. Implementation Of Sales Culture 1. Ceremonies and rites a. Ceremonies and rites are the elaborate, planned activities that make up a special event and often are conducted for the benefit of an audience. 2. Stories a. Stories are narratives based on true events that are frequently shared among salespeople and told to new sales reps to inform them about the organization. 3. Symbols a. A symbol is one thing that represents another thing. 4. Language
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a. Slogans – specific sayings used to convey special meaning or to communicate the organization's culture to employees. IV. KNOW SALESPEOPLE'S BASIC NEEDS V. WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? A.
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