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CHAPTER 16 EVALUATION OF SALESPEOPLE'S PERFORMANCE I. II. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL--WHAT ARE THEY? A. Performance Appraisal – a formal, structured system of measuring and evaluating a salesperson's activities and performance. B. The Purposes And Importance Of Performance Appraisals 1. The following are the more important reasons: a. Compensation b. Development c. Feedback d. Goals e. Legal Compliance f. Motivation g. Penalties h. Personnel i. Planning j. Promotion k. Training C. Evaluate And Develop For Motivation To Higher Performance III. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL'S RELATIONSHIP TO BEHAVIOR A. Performance Level – results from a combination of the individual's effort and ability. IV. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES
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A. Who Should Evaluate Salespeople? 1. Performance Development Review – a formal evaluation conducted to determine how well an individual, group, or territory is performing and that focuses on developing and improving performance. B.
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