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fos chapter 5 - CHAPTER 5 Communication for Relationship...

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CHAPTER 5 Communication for Relationship Building: It’s Not All Talk LECTURE OUTLINE I. THE TREE OF BUSINESS LIFE: COMMUNICATION A. You can read people's minds (sort of). B. Use the techniques learned in this and the last chapter to better meet people's needs, not just make sales. II. COMMUNICATION: IT TAKES TWO A. Communication - the act of transmitting verbal and non-verbal information between the seller and the buyer and understanding one another. 1. Face-to-face communication is composed of: a. Verbal messages. b. Vocal messages (voice quality, pitch inflection, and pauses). c. Non-verbal messages. B. Salesperson-buyer communication process requires feedback. 1. Communication occurs when a “sender” transmits a “message” through some type of “medium” to a “receiver” who responds to that message. 2. Eight major communication elements: a. Source - salesperson. b. Encoding process - conversion by the salesperson of ideas and concepts into the language and materials used in the sales presentation. c. Message - information conveyed in the sales presentation. d. Medium - form of communication used in the sales presentation and discussion. e. Decoding process - interpretation of the information by the receiver. f. Receiver - the prospective buyer.
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g. Feedback - reaction to the communication as transmitted to the receiver. h. Noise - factors that distort communication between buyer and seller. III. NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION: WATCH FOR IT A. Four major non-verbal communication channels are: 1. Physical space between people. 2. Appearance. 3. Handshake. 4. Body movements. B. Concept of space. 1. Territorial space - refers to the area around the self a person will not allow another person to enter without consent. 2.
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fos chapter 5 - CHAPTER 5 Communication for Relationship...

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