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fos chapter 6 - CHAPTER 6 Sales Knowledge: Customers,...

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CHAPTER 6 Sales Knowledge: Customers, Products, Technologies LECTURE OUTLINE I. THE TREE OF BUSINESS LIFE: KNOWLEDGE A. Sales people must be experts on everything involved with their product. B. Customers rely on salespeople to have this knowledge. C. The knowledge must be presented truthfully so as to better serve the customer. II. SOURCES OF SALES KNOWLEDGE A. Sales Training - the effort put forth by an employer to provide the opportunity for the salesperson to receive job-related attitudes, concepts, rules and skills that result in improved performance in the selling environment. B. Sales Experience - selling is a skill developed through experience. III. KNOWLEDGE BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS A. Knowledge increases confidence in salespeople… B. … and in buyers because thorough knowledge about your product is needed to gain the buyer’s confidence. C. Relationships increase sales. IV. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS - Ask questions to determine their needs. V. KNOW YOUR COMPANY A. Salespeople should be knowledgeable about their company’s policies and procedures. B. General company information. 1. Company growth and accomplishment - Salespeople should have knowledge of the company’s origin and development. The company should also provide the salespeople with promotional material and instill confidence in the company. 2. Policies and procedures - the salesperson should let the customer know: a. How the order will be processed.
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b. How long it will take to receive the order. c. The policy on returned goods. d. How to open a new account. e. What to do if he/she receives the wrong shipment. 3. Production facilities 4. Service facilities - promise of prompt repair services can help make a sale. VI. KNOW YOUR PRODUCT - A salesperson’s product knowledge should include: A. Performance data. B. Physical size and characteristics. C. How the product operates. D. Specific features, advantages and benefits of the product. E. How well the product is selling in the marketplace. VII. KNOW YOUR RESELLERS - Salespeople should learn as much as possible about each channel member. A. Likes and dislikes of each channel member’s customers. B. Product lines and assortment each one carries. C. When each member sees salespeople. D. Their distribution, promotion, and pricing policies. E. What and how much of a product each has purchased in the past. VIII.
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fos chapter 6 - CHAPTER 6 Sales Knowledge: Customers,...

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