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fos chapter 9

fos chapter 9 - CHAPTER 9 Carefully Select Which Sales...

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CHAPTER 9 Carefully Select Which Sales Presentation Method to Use LECTURE OUTLINE I. THE TREE OF BUSINESS LIFE: PRESENTATION A. No matter who a salesperson meets with, their purpose is the same - to help the person or organization. B. By taking the time to carefully select the best presentation for the group the salesperson is meeting with, he or she will be better able to meet their needs, thus, serving them better. II. SALES PRESENTATION STRATEGY A. Salesperson to buyer. B. Salesperson to buyer group. C. Sales team to buyer. D. Conference selling. E. Seminar selling. III. SALES PRESENTATION METHODS - SELECT ONE CAREFULLY A. Memorized sales presentation. 1. Based on one of two assumptions. a. The prospect’s needs may be stimulated by direct exposure to the product through the sales presentation. b. The prospect’s needs have already been stimulated because the prospect has made the effort to seek out the product. 2. National Cash Register Co. (NCR). a. Pioneered the use of canned sales presentations. b. An analysis of sales approaches in the 1920’s revealed salespeople said basically the same thing. c. They proceeded to prepare a series of standardized sales presentations. 3. Advantages: a. It ensures that all of the company’s salespeople will give the same information in a well-planned presentation.
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b. It both aids and lends confidence to the inexperienced salesperson. c. It is effective when selling time is short, as in door-to-door or telephone selling.
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fos chapter 9 - CHAPTER 9 Carefully Select Which Sales...

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