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fos chapter 13 - CHAPTER 13 Closing Begins the Relationship...

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CHAPTER 13 Closing Begins the Relationship LECTURE OUTLINE I. THE TREE OF BUSINESS LIFE: CLOSING A. Remember to do what's best for the customer. B. Ask yourself, "Should they buy this?" If the answer is no, tell them you don't think they really need the product. C. If the buyer still wants to buy, let the Golden Rule be your guide. II. WHEN SHOULD I POP THE QUESTION? A. Closing - the process of helping people make a decision that will benefit them. You help them make that decision by asking them to buy. B. Attempt to close the sale when the prospect is ready. More specifically, when the prospect is in the “conviction stage” of the mental buying process. III. READING BUYING SIGNALS A. Buying Signals - refer to anything prospects say or do to indicate that they are ready to buy. B. Several ways prospects signal that they are ready to buy: 1. Asks questions. 2. Asks another person’s opinion. 3. Relaxes and becomes friendly. 4. Pulls out an order form. 5. Carefully examines merchandise. C. A buyer may send verbal and non-verbal signals at any time before and during your sales presentation. IV. WHAT MAKES A GOOD CLOSER? A. Good closers have a strong desire to close each sale - they have a positive attitude, know their customers, and tailor their presentations to meet each one’s specific needs. B. Good closers spend time preparing.
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C. Successful salespeople do not stop on the prospect’s first no. D. Ask for the order, and be quiet. You must put the prospect in the position of having to: 1. Make a decision. 2. Speak first. 3. Respond to the close. E. Get the order then move on! - In continuing to talk, you may give information that changes the buyer’s mind. V. HOW MANY TIMES SHOULD YOU CLOSE? - Three to five well-executed closes is a minimum for successful salespeople. VI. CLOSING UNDER FIRE - You must be able to ask a prospect, who may be in a bad mood or may even appear hostile toward you, to buy. VII. DIFFICULTIES WHEN CLOSING A. One reason salespeople may fail to close a sale and get an order is that they are not confident in their ability to close. B.
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fos chapter 13 - CHAPTER 13 Closing Begins the Relationship...

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