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fos chapter 16

fos chapter 16 - CHAPTER 16 Planning Staffing and Training...

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CHAPTER 16 Planning, Staffing, and Training Successful Salespeople LECTURE OUTLINE I. THE TREE OF BUSINESS LIFE: MANAGEMENT A. The same characteristics needed in sales people are needed in sales managers. B. Just as there is a Golden Rule of Sales, there is a Golden Rule of Sales Management. II. TRANSITION FROM SALESPERSON TO SALES MANAGER A. Major changes that occur when a person becomes a new manager: 1. Perspectives change. 2. Goals change. 3. Responsibilities change. 4. Satisfaction changes. 5. Job skill requirements change. 6. Relationships change. B. The experience of being promoted. Phase 1: Immobilization. Phase 2: Minimization or denial of change. Phase 3: Depression. Phase 4: Acceptance of reality. Phase 5: Testing. Phase 6: Searching for meaning. Phase 7: Internalization. C. Problems experienced by new managers: 1. Lack of preparation for the job. 2. Companies generally expect them to step into the job and function effectively immediately. 3. New manager lacks an immediate peer group. D. The keys to making a successful transition: 1. Have a learning attitude.
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2. Have realistic expectations. 3. Learn what responsibilities go with the job and how to avoid making too many changes. 4. Make initial adjustments. III. TECHNOLOGY IS NEEDED IN THE JOB - Computers have many benefits: A. Increased communication. B. Enhanced convincing power. C. Greater ability to compete. IV. BEING A FIRST-LINE SALES MANAGER IS A CHALLENGING JOB - Managers must be effective in managing salespeople and influencing the boss. V. WHAT IS THE SALARY FOR MANAGEMENT? A. The assumption is that the larger a company’s revenues, the heavier the responsibility of the chief executive, and thus, the larger his compensation. B. Salary is usually related to: 1. Annual sales volume of units managed. 2. Number of salespeople supervised. 3. Length of experience in sales. 4. Annual sales volume of the firm. C. Salary is just one part of compensation (e.g. vacation, pension, health, and other programs offered by the company). VI. OVERVIEW OF THE JOB A. The sales manager’s main goal is to achieve the level of sales volume, profits, and sales growth desired by high levels of management. B. Sales managers are performance oriented. The look for ways to create more efficient and effective salespeople. VII. SALES MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS A. Planning.
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fos chapter 16 - CHAPTER 16 Planning Staffing and Training...

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