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fos chapter 17 - CHAPTER 17 Motivation Compensation...

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CHAPTER 17 Motivation, Compensation, Leadership and Evaluation of Salespeople LECTURE OUTLINE I. THE TREE OF BUSINESS LIFE: MANAGEMENT A. Sales managers impact the lives of their salespeople and their families. B. Sales managers should do all they can to make their salespeople successful by putting their salespeople's interests above their own. II. MOTIVATION OF THE SALES FORCE A. Two levels of motivation: 1. Individual. 2. Entire sales force. B. Motivation - the arousal, intensity, direction, and persistence of effort directed toward job tasks over a period. III. THE MOTIVATION MIX: CHOOSE YOUR INGREDIENTS CAREFULLY A. The basic compensation plan. B. Special financial incentives. C. Non-financial rewards. D. Leadership techniques. E. Management control procedures. IV. COMPENSATION IS MORE THAN MONEY A. Sales performance can be rewarded in three ways: 1. Direct financial rewards. 2. Career advancement. 3. Non-financial compensation. B. Straight salary plan. 1. The simplest. 2. Paid a specific dollar amount at regular intervals, usually weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. 3. Advantages to the salesperson. a. Security. b. Independent of performance in the short run.
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c. Known income. 4. Advantages to management: a. Simple and economical to administer. b. Tasks are easier to assign. c. Less resistance to assignments and transfers. d. Managers can project compensation expenses. 5. Disadvantages of the straight salary plan. a. Major disadvantage is lack of direct monetary incentive. b.
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fos chapter 17 - CHAPTER 17 Motivation Compensation...

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