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final paper 2010

final paper 2010 - Interpretation of Fiction Mr Redman...

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Interpretation of Fiction Mr. Redman Final Paper In this paper, you will need to extend the argument of one of the two long papers you wrote this semester. You might either provide a more complex argument that requires additional evidence and analysis, or you might compare and contrast the themes, symbolism, etc. of two stories, building on your analysis from an earlier paper. Ideally, if you write on two different stories, your argument should highlight a connection that you are making between the two stories such that our understanding of one story is enhanced by our understanding of the other story. The paper must be 1,500 or more words in length. You may use outside resources if done properly; however, this is not required, and use of outside sources will not affect your grade. Reminders: --Be sure your thesis is original, specific/focused, controversial, but rendered persuasive by your interpretation and analysis of the text. Provide a new way of looking at the text through your interpretation.
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