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Robert Nelson Professor Redman LIT2010 11/23/10 Importance of seven in "Seven" The number seven is commonly associated with good luck. Because luck is a good thing, seven would have a positive affiliation with people, but not all situations are the same. In The Dew Breaker, Edwidge Danticat primarily exhibits many relationships and connects each to one another, and in the chapter "Seven" she shows the significance of the number seven, as it connects the two main characters in the story. To the spouses, seven has both a positive and negative affiliation to them, signifying the ups and downs of their relationship rather than luck. The connecting chapter, “Water Child” gives examples of what makes the bond of the spouses not a perfect one even though it seems so on the surface. In “Seven”, seven is linked most to the bond of the main character and his wife, and represents the progress of their relationship through time, including both positive aspects and the problems present in the relationship, mainly from affairs. Seven is most associated with time in the chapter, being the number of years the husband and wife spent apart. The beginning of the chapter already points to what Danticat's connection with the title “Seven" to the story with the quote, "Next month would make it seven years since he had last seen his wife. Seven--a number he despised but had discovered was a useful marker. There were seven days between paychecks, seven hours, not counting lunch, spent each day at his day job, seven at his night job. Seven was the last number in his age--thirty-seven. And now there were seven hours left before his wife was due to arrive"
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(Danticat 35). The use of seven to describe the number of years of separation, which is a long time, would make any other situation presenting the number seven much more noticeable. Time, being the most important description of seven, significantly effects the characters where that just taking into consideration of that time apart would make them act differently in their relationship, such as spending more time with each other for physical pleasure and romance.
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seven - Robert Nelson Professor Redman LIT2010 Importance...

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