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Rita Gonzales of Santa Fe, New Mexico, wants to know this: “I’ve heard that replacing my old-fashioned bubs with compact fluorescents will save $50 per bulb and reduce global warming. Will this type of bulb create that drab, corpselike appearance in everybody’s home?” The answer is that modern fluorescent bulbs produce excellent color quality rather than the drab, bluish hue of older ones. I use them exlusively in my own home; no one has checked by pulse lately to see if I am still breathing. To quote Jim Dulley in “Cut Those Bills,” published in the
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Unformatted text preview: Dallas Morning News , “You can lose the blues and still cut costs.” There are decorative globe, bullet, candelabra, and bent-tube designs; and recessed, task, and spot lighting will focus the lighting where you need it. Fluorescent lighting’s main advantage is its economy. Fifty-five dollars is the typical annual savings on homeowners’ utility bills. For more information, contact the Industry Conservation Council at 317-555-8016 and ask for George Mandrake, energy analyst; Betty Bow, economist; or Bob Onwood, staff analyst....
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