December 6- prejudice cont

December 6- prejudice cont - December 6, 2010 A-Measuring...

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December 6, 2010 A-Measuring Implicit Prejudice/Stereotypes: The IAT 1- Implicit and Explicit attitudes are not correlated 2- “bonafide pipeline” study and Video study a. Supraliminal priming with black and white faces b. Classify words as good or bad 3- Results: a. Opposite facilitation effects for White and Black subjects b. No correlation between self-reported prejudice and facilitation effects c. Facilitation scores predicted quality of subsequent interaction w/ black experimenter 1- When info is ambiguous, we fall back on our schemas: our beliefs about a particular group/category of people 2- Subjects got job app with a resume from white or black applicant 3- In some cases, application was strong; a. In the case of a strong application where there was no ambiguity, there is little or no difference between the rate in which ppl decide to hire the white and black applicant b. In the case of the weak application: b.i. Very rarely are the bad applicants hired for the job c. Ambiguously qualified applications: c.i. Prejudice and discrimination emerge c.ii. People are more likely to hire white applicants over black applicants 4- Aggression when “justified” (Rogers and Prentice-Dunn, 1981) a. White and black victims, No insult, or insult b. In the “no insult” condition, people administer a relatively low intensity/shock to
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December 6- prejudice cont - December 6, 2010 A-Measuring...

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