December 13- defendant characteristics

December 13- defendant characteristics - A-Defendant...

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December 13, 2010 A-Defendant Characteristics 1- Physical attractiveness a. Lighter sentences to physically attractive defendants 2- Similarity to jurors (similarity-attraction and False Consensus effects) a. People tend to feel more comfortable with those who are similar to them 3- Jury selection process is intended to weed out those who may be non-objective 4- “Matching” principle in conviction and sentencing by race- disparity in death penalty cases (race of victim and defendant are both influential factors) a. Jurors are more likely to condemn a Hispanic man over a wasp woman a.i. Despite having the same evidence 5- Effects occur when evidence is ambiguous or too complex for full comprehension a. That’s when jurors fall back on schemas B-Effects of Judges’ Instructions 1- Talks about reasonable doubt- the doubt that a reasonable person would have a. There is no way to quantify it, it is subjective 2- Disregarding inadmissible testimony and pretrial publicity- priming and paradoxical
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December 13- defendant characteristics - A-Defendant...

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