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Social Psychology Lecture Notes September 8, 2010 What is Social Psychology? Scientific study of the way in which people’s thoughts, feelings, and actions are influenced by the real or imagined presence of other people. It is what people believe that is important. Not necessarily what actually is. Main Themes: *Power of the situation- -power of social situations and influence of other ppl to effect our behavior -idea that behavior is goverened by traits -social psych shifts focus away from internal, and instead focuses on outside: what other ppl are doing -Behavior is always product of person AND situation -tendency/predisposition to prefer personal dispositions, like traits *Social reality is subjective/constructive, thus subject to bias and error -how could two ppl experience the exact same stimuli and draw a totally different conclusion? -people’s understandings of situations determine how people behave….not necessarily objective * Social behavior is largely automatic -social psych pays a lot of attention to error -bias: inclination or predisposition to respond in a certain way. -Bias itself is not error. Can lead to error, but doesn’t necessarily result in error -In order to be error , must be objectively incorrect -Human mind is designed to do well when it comes to social perception or judgement -Social psych pays attention to where things go wrong - Sigmond Freud : Our behavior is driven by novel processes of which we are completely unaware -are now called automatic processes -effortless and fast -Most of the way we respond occurs without conscious thought * Social Psych is a scientific discipline Why Science and not personal experience and common sense?
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Social Psychology-1 - Social Psychology Lecture Notes...

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