November 17 - situational causes of aggression

November 17 - situational causes of aggression - November...

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November 17, 2010 A-Social-situational causes of Aggression a. One half sat at desk with a gun, and other half sat at dest with racket b. Operationalizing aggression—duration of shock that subject will administer to experimenters confederate. c. Subjects overhear an insult d. Gun Subjects administered much more shock than the Racket subjects e. Gun is a stimulus associated with aggressive schemas 2- Situational Causes of Aggression a. Bandura formulated and tested social-cognitive learning theory , that we acquire social behaviors (aggression) by observing others, and the consequences of their behavior b. Other than innate behaviors that are genetically wired, behavior is acquired through a process of learning—shaping c. Bandura said that humans learn through reinforcement and conditioning, but that it doesn’t explain everything. Children don’t have enough experience to acquire certain processes through shaping. He said that Children are acquiring new behaviors by watching others and acting. *challenge to behaviorism d. Bobo the clown experiment e. ****if aggressive/hostile forces in people are not let out, it causes a psychological buildup e.i. One way to eliminate that aggressive drive is by watching others engage in aggressive behavior f. Bobo experiment refutes above statement because it shows that watching aggressive behavior causes you to be even more aggressive g. Things that are related to aggression prime things that are associated to aggression h. Children who didn’t see the video did not emit the violent behaviors seen in the video 3- Social-Cognitive Learning Theory a. Basic principles a.i. Direct tuition via operant procedures a.i.1. Does not deny that children acquire behaviors through operant conditioning a.ii. Observational Learning a.iii. Vicarious reinforcement/punishment are applicable a.iii.1.
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November 17 - situational causes of aggression - November...

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