October 18- matching persuasion attempt to attitude basis

October 18- matching persuasion attempt to attitude basis -...

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A-When Persuasion Backfires: Psychological Reactance 1- If the persuasion is heavy-handed and target feels that freedom is restricted in some way, the person gets Psychological Reactance 2- People have a motivation to defend their freedom and their autonomy 3- Study: two kinds of messages were displayed in bathrooms around campus a. Goal is try and reduce the amount of graffiti b. One sign had a request while the other one was a demand c. Hypothesis: politely worded sign would be more effective than the stern command d. People continued writing graffiti on the walls however, d.i. The strict command caused psychological reactance and made the graffiti actually increase a lot more than the ‘request’ poster d.ii. People resent having their freedom encroached upon and at some point they will react 4- Attitude Inoculation against Peer Pressure to Smoke a. Children have been trained to have a negative attitude towards smoking a.i. Ex: D.A.R.E b. Attitude inoculation b.i. ****look up in book for definition c. Will kids be able to resist attempts to change their attitudes in the future? What percentage of kids are smoking? d. Two groups of children at baseline e. Control group does not go inoculation procedure, and other group is Inoculated f. At baseline only 2% of kids are smoking g. In 7 th grade there is an increase in smoking…inoculated group increase is less than control group h. In 8 th grade there is additional increase in smoking—there is a huge difference between inoculated kids and control group i. In 9 th grade, high percentage if kids in control group smoking…in inoculated group less students smoke 5- Subliminal Persuasion: Does it work? a. Flashed on the screen for a very brief period of time is the word ‘rats’ and then filled in with bureaucrats b. “the gore prescription plan: beureaucrats decide” c. The research on subliminal advertising says that it doesn’t work d. Subliminal priming only works over a very brief time-span e. The longer the time delay, the more the effect evaporates f. More influential with respect to automatic behavior; not the deliberative willful behavior of deciding who to vote for g. Most people are afraid of subliminal advertising and believe they are being manipulated in some way h. People think that they are not affected by regular advertising, when they really are
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October 18- matching persuasion attempt to attitude basis -...

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