ACCT 101 Exam 1 Regrade Form

ACCT 101 Exam 1 Regrade Form - request is a violation of...

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ACCT 101 Exam #1 Regrade Request Name: __________________________________ Penn ID: __________________________________ Section: __________________________________ Please detail in the space below the problem for which you are requesting a regrade and a neatly written explanation of the reason why a regrade is being requested. You may attach an additional sheet if necessary. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have not modified the attached exam in any way since it was graded. I understand that altering an exam prior to submitting a regrade
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Unformatted text preview: request is a violation of The University of Pennsylvania regulations regarding academic honesty, and will lead to disciplinary action. I also understand that by submitting a regrade request my entire exam will be scrutinized and it is possible for my score to be adjusted downwards as a result. Your original exam (written in pen) must be attached to this form. Signature ___________________________ Date ______________________________...
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