October 27- influence - October 27, 2010 *SOCIAL INFLUENCE...

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October 27, 2010 *SOCIAL INFLUENCE A-The Phenomena of Conformity and Compliance 1- Conformity : a change in behavior due to perceived influence of others a. Natural to feel need or desire to go along with other people b. Can be due to: b.i. normative influence - b.i.1. the desire to be accepted/approved of. b.i.2. Involves public compliance , without private acceptance of norm b.ii. Informational Influence - b.ii.1. Desire to be correct/accurate b.ii.2. Involves private acceptance of norm 2- Compliance : agreeing to the commands of an authority figure 3- Conformity and Norms a. Norm- rule or standard for what is acceptable, appropriate, or correct in terms of judgment, value, perception, belief, behavior a.i. norms become part of own standards for behavior a.ii. they become internalized a.iii. absorb norms from culture around us (children do this) b. Sheriff’s studies on the emergence and perseverance of group norms and how the norm can endure even after the person leaves the group b.i. Each subject sees the light move in different directions and lengths b.i.1. People would come into agreement when in a group. But when put back individually, they continued to give group estimate instead of first individual evidence. b.i.2. Demonstrated that norm had been internalized b.i.3. Three subjects: b.i.3.a. When alone, one person’s opinion on movement on light is different from when a part of the group
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October 27- influence - October 27, 2010 *SOCIAL INFLUENCE...

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