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ACCT 101 Homework 1 spring 2009

ACCT 101 Homework 1 spring 2009 - ACCT 101...

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ACCT 101 Homework #1 (Spring 2009) Please refer to Starbuck’s 10K for the fiscal year ended September 28, 2008 (fiscal year 2008) that is posted in the Course Materials folder on webCafé when answering these homework questions. Please answer all of your questions in millions of dollars plus a decimal point (which is how the numbers are reported in Starbuck’s 10K). For example, if your answer is 40,000,000 (40 million), report this as simply 40.0 You can take the homework as many times as you wish but only your final set of answers will be recorded and these answers will determine your grade for the assignment. 1. How much of its deferred (unearned) revenue does Starbucks’s expect to earn during the fiscal year 2009? 368.4, which is the amount reported in the current deferred revenue account on the balance sheet. (p.43) 2. True or False. Starbucks paid dividends during the 2008 fiscal year. False. There are no dividends shown in the retained earnings column on the Statement of Shareholders’ equity (p45).
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