Social Psych-2 - Social Psych A-Science vs Common Sense 1...

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Social Psych 9/13/10 A-Science vs. Common Sense 1- Science: objective, rigorous data collection a. Draw conclusions based on analysis of data b. Bias is out of the process c. Error can be corrected c.i. Peer review and replication c.ii. If there are flaws, problems, brought to attention 2- Common sense: subjective, biased data collection a. Impressionistic conclusions b. One dramatic example can be treated differently than other data, thereby leading astray c. No corrective features-error persists c.i. People cling to their beliefs c.i.1. Certain mental processes that cause blinders—find a way to make point make sense c.i.2. B- Foundations of the Scientific Method: theory, hypothesis, and measurement 1- Theory: A coherent set of related principles that explains observed phenomena a. No one theory can explain every human behavior b. Smaller theories are designed to explain parts of human behavior 2- Hypothesis: a specific, falsifiable prediction derived from theory 3- Measurement: Conceptual and Operational definitions of variables a. Conceptual b. Operational c. Issues of reliability and validity c.i. IQ scale- reliable, but valid? c.i.1. Just because a scale is reliable, it doesn’t mean it’s valid 1- Independent Variable
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Social Psych-2 - Social Psych A-Science vs Common Sense 1...

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