Social psych-4 (3 is in notebook)

Social psych-4 (3 is in notebook) - A-Schema Accessibility...

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September 20, 2010 A-Schema Accessibility 1- Chronic accessibility a. Readily available because we are always using them b. Affect our judgment and behavior 2- Temporarily accessibility a. Recent stimuli that we have been exposed to recently b. Initiated through a process known as priming b.i. Supraliminal b.i.1. *****? b.i.2. Higgins, Rholes, & Jones (1977) had Ss memorize + or – words (e.g., reckless, foolhardy, OR adventurous, self confident) -All Ss read same description of Donald -Intentionally ambiguous -people are asked to evaluate Donald -research hypothesis- What’s going to affect people’s perception of Donald is the words they were just exposed to -Those primed with negative words, 10% -Those primed with positive words rated him overwhelmingly positive b.ii. Subliminal b.ii.1. Presenting stimuli that people aren’t consciously aware they are perceiving b.ii.2. Bargh & Pietromonaco (1982) exposed Ss to hostile or neutral words for 1/20 sec. -All Ss read same description of Donald -Who was more likely to perceive Donald as hostile? -Words like anger, aggression, nasty vs Words like water -Those primed with hostile words: 70% as being hostile, 10% of them rated as assertive -Those primed with neutral words: majority rate him as assertive, 10% rate him as hostile 3- Words activate schemas in people’s minds---clearly automatic processes B-Schema Characteristics 1- Automatic 2- May be erroneous due to illusory correlation a. There is no relation between two things in reality, but we see one anyway b. Tversky’s “myth of the hot hand” c. “It always rains when I wash my car” c.i. People see association because they get irritated and the irritation causes them to notice d. Myth of the Hot Hand d.i. Probability of making new shot of he keeps on making shots, the probability should be longer. If he misses, probability should be less d.ii. Asked players their belief: they believe in the hot hand d.iii. Follows players for a year. After every single shot, follow their probability
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d.iv. ***Finds that the Actual Likelihood of making a shot after making a shot, the probability of making the next shot actually gets reduced d.v. You don’t remember when you ‘make one miss one ’ …but you remember when you ‘make 5 in a row’ or ‘miss 5 in a row’ 3- Relatively resistant to disconfirmatory evidence ( perseverance effect ) a. People are not completely irrational or purely rational b. c. Gave 25 suicide notes to subjects in study. Subjects asked to pick out which ones were real and which ones were fake. c.i.
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Social psych-4 (3 is in notebook) - A-Schema Accessibility...

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