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September 27, 2010 A-Attributional Processes 1- The Fundamental attribution error is a mistaken inference that a behavior (or outcome) is caused by a person’s disposition (i.e. internal attribution) 2- Isn’t just a tendency or an inclination. It has to be an objectively incorrect attribution a. An internal attribution when the cause of someone’s behavior has to be situational 3- Key Studies: a. Jones Harris’ anti- & pro-castro speechmakers a.i. You may be told that speechmaker chose his/her position a.ii. You may be told that speechmaker was assigned whether or not to make a pro or anti castro speech a.iii. What can you tell about the speakers actual attitude about Castro, if you know that the position that they took was assigned a.iii.1. Nothing! a.iv. After they listen to the speech, people are asked to rate the attitudes toward castro a.v. People that gave chosen favorable speeches about Castro, people rated that the speechmakers are pro Castro Those who gave assigned pro castro speeches, were still rated as being
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