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3-10-11 - Me Myself and I Perspectives on the Self Who am I...

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“Me, Myself, and I” Perspectives on the “Self” Who am I? Psychological traits – psychological view of your self Social identities – social view of your self - who are you in the eyes of others Master social identities- identities we can all see - everyone has it - it is always visible - people know these identities simply by looking at us - example of this is race and gender - context-free relevance aka independence of social context (meaning you can always make it relevant) Situated social identities- identities that only apply in certain situations - applicable to certain people only - not always visible (can’t really tell sometimes) - contextual relevance (only relevant in certain situations) o interactional - example: different roles in family, with friends, in class, etc. depending on interactional context CLICKER: “A parent” is a situated social identity.
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Two views of the Self: Self as “personality” - present when you’re born - determining force in your nature - only changes a little bit throughout life - reality as “fixed” Self as constructed through communication - reality as “constructed” - now how we view ourselves but the constructed view from others Finding “Personality” The Communication Quiz What affected your answers on the quiz? - how the question were asked - who you thought might see your answers (social desirability) - how you wanted to appear - your perceptions of your abilities THEREFORE, THE ANSWERS ARE NOT ACCURATE CONSIDERING ALL OF THESE EFFECTS.
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