3-3-11 - Comm 101 Spring 2011 Page 1 You never write you...

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Comm 101 – Spring 2011 - Page “You never write, you never call, you never email, you never BBM, you never Skype!”: MEDIATED COMMUNICATION Guest lecture: Stephen DiDomenico I. COMMUNICATION a. What is the difference between them? i. Media - old media is about the broadcast, mass communication age. Traditional media like newspapers, radio, etc. - new media is internet and beyond like new touch cell phones. Clip: Healthcare Technology (mIcrosoft) in the future - focus on everything technical and relying on technology for EVERYTHING - less face time with people - technology can fail ii. Mediated Communication b. “Extensions of Man” (Marshall McLuhan) i. Technological tools that “extend our natural ability to create, transmit, receive, and process, visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, or tactile messages” - extend what you can do or message you can transfer - example: the car horn, smoke signal (flare), etc. 1
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Comm 101 – Spring 2011 - Page Communication technologies as transmission tools - from the comm. Iceberg: permanence (permanent) & portability (mobile) - other functions: i. information reproduction ii. information amplification iii. information display iv. information storage and retrieval STUPID CLICKER QUESTIONS: The first celluar phone call was made in 1973. The Internet developed in the late 1960s. Which medium is not like the other two? The choices to choose from: the movie theatre, the telephone, or the radio. The answer was the telephone because the other two is mass communication while telephone is interactivity
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3-3-11 - Comm 101 Spring 2011 Page 1 You never write you...

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