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A release from life Word - UNESCO Courier, July 2001 p54 A...

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UNESCO Courier , July 2001 p54 A release from life. (Dutch policy on euthanasia and suicide for the terminal or weary elderly)(Brief Article) WYBO ALGRA. Full Text: COPYRIGHT 2001 UNESCO JOURNALIST FOR THE DUTCH NEWSPAPER TROUW Strides in medicine may allow people to live longer, but the result is not always a happy one. In the Netherlands, euthanasia is now legally available--but just how far should we go? Is a human body worth less in the Netherlands than elsewhere? Does it lose its meaning here once it gets old and decrepit? One might think so, for this European country of 16 million people is the only nation in the world where doctors, in accordance with the law, are able to end patients' lives. In April 2001, the Dutch senate gave the new law on euthanasia the green light. The decision grabbed international attention, although it was the predictable outcome of a debate that has lasted a quarter of a century. The law only established what was slowly becoming normal procedure: that doctors are no longer punishable if they carry out euthanasia as long as they strictly conform to certain requirements of due care. For example, they must be satisfied that the patient is, according to medical criteria, suffering unbearably and incurably, and has made the choice to end his or her life without any outside pressure. With the new law's approval, the glorification of suffering--a once pervasive streak in the Christian tradition--seems to have been consigned to the country's past. As Dutch theologian Annelies van Heyst recently put it in Trouw, an ordinary life brings enough suffering as it is. She
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A release from life Word - UNESCO Courier, July 2001 p54 A...

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